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What is an escort service?

Escort in translation from English – maintenance. The term in its typical representation refers to the process by which a girl is connected to a man to spend time together. This can occur in several formats, but more often it is supposed to attend events together, business meetings to improve a man’s personal image, and general leisure activities — trips to leisure clubs and restaurants.

Usually, escort involves the provision of intimate services rendered during the entire time of payment. Export services are provided for a specific time – a day, several days, weeks, or even months. The girl is always close to the man, travels with him outside the country or periodically arrives when her presence is necessary.

Search export services

Usually services are ordered through special agencies that cooperate with girls of different parameters and types of appearance. The client indicates which satellite he needs, for what period, the conditions and features of the transaction. The agency selects candidates to choose from.

Payment methods are different – all the nuances are discussed in person. The girls pay the agency a fee for the archery, which forms the income of the companies providing services.


It should be noted that the escort service is a kind of prostitution, but in this case, the girls are selected not only for sexual intercourse, but also for the purpose of attending events of various types.

Often, when men travel to other countries, girls are also hired as translators. This allows you to find a companion for all purposes at once – enhancing personal image, sexual services, searching for a company for leisure time, ensuring communication with other people. Escort women know elite institutions, can help in choosing different places, ready to guide the client to the right places.

Types of Escort Services

The first type of escort service is classic. First, the man turns to the agency, whose specialists provide him with photos of girls that meet certain parameters:


  • age;

  • hair color;

  • height;

  • language proficiency;

  • hobby;

  • external data;

  • shape type.

When the choice is made in favor of one of the girls, a meeting with the personal participation of the applicant is organized for the client. If, as a result of communication, both parties agree on a deal, further actions are determined between them without the participation of an agent.

The next type of export services – escort for the holidays. Usually supposed to travel to the resort. Payment of costs is imposed on the man, who, in addition to providing funds for the price to the girl and the company-pimp, still pays for the rest, food, accommodation, entertainment.

If in the classic version of providing escort services it is usually about one girl, then in the case of rest the customer can choose two, three or even more companions.


Escort services in most countries are not prohibited. Maintenance is not at odds with the legislative norms, and the social and moral-ethical components in this case are not taken into account.

Intimate services that a girl provides to a man are provided on a voluntary basis in respect of material remuneration. In fact, the client pays for maintenance, and not for sex, which occurs voluntarily, even if it was previously agreed.

Advantages of using escort services

Escort is a convenient direction, which allows you to easily find a beautiful girl, satisfying all the needs of a man, for a material reward.

Advantages of using escort services:


  • a large selection of types of girls;

  • easy to find a companion;

  • the ability to offer your own rules;

  • getting the full list of services that a man needs (selection by criteria).

Escort is firmly rooted among other services in the field of leisure. It is this direction that has become relevant in business, entrepreneurship, the desire to find a travel companion, which will not only be reinforced with confidence in the presence of a sex partner. An escort girl is a girl who is able to support topics that are interesting for a man, to help find a common language with locals in another country, to raise his spirits and, on the whole, to make the trip better, brighter and more pleasant.

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