Types of escort services

The word “escort” is associated with a rich life, social events, elite parties. In addition, many compare it with intimate services. In French, “escort” means escorting a high-ranking official, which is almost completely consistent with the meaning of the word in modern Russian.

Escort services can be provided by both special agencies and individual women. Each of these options has its pros and cons. Females main difference is in the prices – in most cases, agencies require a much larger, in comparison with individuals, fees for the same services. On the other hand, proven agencies that have been working in this field for more than a year can guarantee their clients complete confidentiality, model compliance with the wishes of the customer, as well as absolute security. In the case of individuals, such guarantees can be obtained only on the condition that the client is permanent and knows the girl not the first day.

Another of the most important advantages of escort agencies is the full legitimacy of the services provided, which is a rarity among individuals. Not every girl wants to bother with the design of IP and related documents, while each serious agency has a full package of papers, confirming the right to provide services. Turning to the agency, the client even receives a check for the payment of an escort.

Escort Types

Escort involves several types of services:


  • Companion for publication (escort for one evening)

  • Leisure

  • Holiday escort

  • Intimate services

Escort for the evening

If a man needs a girl to be accompanied at a secular reception, he contacts an escort agency and voices his model requirements. Based on the wishes of the client, managers select several girls that meet the specified criteria. The client can get acquainted with the questionnaires, view photos and choose a girl who is suitable for his purposes. After that, the client tells the manager about his choice, and the girl is sent at the right time to the specified address. Usually, agencies charge one hundred percent advance payment for the escort service, which already includes the percentage of the agency.

In the case of individuals, prepayment is usually not required. The downside is that in this case, the girl’s compliance with the stated criteria is not guaranteed. For an escort model for the evening, not only external data is important, but also erudition, the ability to keep small talk, at least a superficial knowledge of certain topics within the circle of guests invited to the evening.

Holiday Escort

The agreement is carried out in almost the same way, with one difference – the client is given the opportunity to interview several selected models. This is a very important step, since this type of escort involves communicating with a girl for a long period of time, so the client and the model must have some common interests.

The escort service on vacation is mainly used by married men who manage to get out on vacation without a family. This type of escort is also popular with those who often have to travel on a business trip.


Some single men invite escort models just to spend the evening in the company of a pretty and erudite girl. The client chooses a girl according to the interests indicated in the questionnaire. This type of escort provides for joint walks, a trip to the theater or a cinema, conversations and many other ways of spending time together.

Sex in escort services

Despite the fact that the main focus of the escort business is on supporting the client in society, models can provide sex services. Many men turn to an escort agency for this very purpose. But there is one caveat – reputable agencies do not advertise this side of their business, so as not to have problems with the law, and you will have to negotiate about sex with the model itself.

Usually there is no problem with this, since 90% of girls are ready for such offers and agree to have sex. When contacting an escort agency there are pros and cons. The main disadvantage is that sex will have to pay twice – first comes the standard payment for calling an escort model, and then, by agreement with the girl, you will need to pay her additional fee, which may vary in each individual case. The advantage is the guarantee of the absolute health of every girl.

With an individual you can agree in advance and pay exclusively for sex services. Another advantage is that the client immediately recognizes the amount that he will need to pay. But in this case there is a risk to health, as there are no guarantees that the girl does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

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