Escort services – individuals and agencies

Escort services have long been widespread in Western countries, but in our country they appeared only recently. Despite this, this type of business is developing very rapidly. Today, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of sites offering a society of girls models to accompany at events, leisure activities, as well as sex services . Many wonder why such agencies advertise their services openly? In fact, it is absolutely legal.

The main reason that the law does not prohibit the activities of such agencies and individuals is the complete lack of references to sex and sex services in advertisements and on agency websites. We describe only the services of escorting wealthy men to a dinner party, business meeting, social event or other event.

But the lack of advertising does not mean that you can not get the desired client. Working in an escort involves the provision of sex services, so agreeing with the model about sex is not difficult. Escort models differ from ordinary prostitutes in that they are well educated, often have a good education, are able to keep small talk, and also know how to find a personal approach to any client.

Pricing for escort model services

Prices for services, including sex, vary according to circumstances. For example, the cost of one evening in a restaurant or at a reception with subsequent sex will cost from 500 to 700 conventional units. If the client wants to order an escort for a vacation or a business trip, then you need to count on the amount of $ 1,000. per day. At the same time, clients often provide additional attention to girls – they buy clothes, pay for makeup. This is done so that the girl looked appropriate to her companion.

Model Contingent and Requirements

There is an opinion among ordinary people that any girl can work in an escort, from a former prostitute to teachers and housewives. This is absolutely not true. The highest demands are placed on job seekers not only regarding external data, but also about erudition. One of the most important conditions is the knowledge of foreign languages, as guests from abroad often resort to the services of an escort agency. The basic list of requirements looks like this:


  • Age 18 years old

  • Foreign language skills

  • Sociability and ability to get along with the most different types of men

  • Knowledge of etiquette

  • Model appearance

There are many other nuances that are considered when recruiting girls for escort work. It all depends on the specifics of the main clientele and the policy of the agency’s management.

When using the services of an escort agency, the client receives:


  • A huge selection of girls in appearance, hobbies and intellectual data

  • Full privacy

  • Guarantee your safety

  • A transparent and fully legalized transaction

  • Any necessary help from agency staff

Escort services are also provided by many professional modeling agencies. This business is a significant part of their income. Many wealthy people are willing to pay substantial fees to agencies in order to appear in public in the community of a chic model.

Escort services from individuals

In addition to agencies on the provision of escort services, you can negotiate with a model that works individually. In this case, you can seriously save – in comparison with the prices of the agency, an escort from individuals will be much cheaper. The reason for this, in the first place, is the absence of the need to pay interest, which the agency takes. In addition, individual women find it difficult to compete with large model agencies, so all of them, with rare exceptions, charge much less for similar services.

Disadvantages of an individual escort

It is not surprising that many men prefer to refer to individual models, but in this case there are some disadvantages.

The truthfulness of personal data
In the questionnaire an individual can indicate almost any skills and knowledge (for example, interest in sports or painting). Since the questionnaire is posted by the girl alone – no one checks the compliance of the specified data with reality. The same goes for external data.

No Security Guarantees

There are cases when a client may have some kind of trouble, for example, theft of a wallet or valuables. When working with serious agencies, such a scenario is completely excluded – girls get enough for their services not to do such things. While the individual will not scorn the banknote forgotten on the table or the decoration thrown in a prominent place.

Health Risk

If the client is counting on sex, he wants to be sure that he will not pick up any venereal disease. In agencies, girls undergo regular medical examinations, and a cat with individuals

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