Escort services: in pursuit of pleasure

Sex is one of the best ways to relax, get pleasure, and sometimes even new unforgettable sensations. Not every man wants a permanent relationship when you need to care for a girl and spend a lot of time, energy and effort on it. Sometimes it’s much easier to use the services of a butterfly. The most popular and safest options are to go to an individual or to a specialized salon. As a rule, in both cases, you can agree on a home visit. In most cases, girls who work for themselves are cheaper because there is no need to pay intermediaries. In addition, with some of them it is easy to negotiate a discount, especially for regular customers.

There are undoubted advantages in salons. Self-respecting institutions provide an opportunity to spend your leisure time in stylish interiors. Many of them have additional services in the price list. For example, they can offer billiards, a visit to the sauna or a bath, the organization of a bachelor party and other similar events, a variety of drinks and snacks.

Why do men go to prostitutes

If you believe impartial statistics, from 7 to 39% of men around the world regularly attend the priestesses of love. Data vary widely by country. It is difficult to unambiguously answer the question why representatives of the strong half of humanity go to prostitutes. The reasons may be very different. Not always we are talking about a banal lack of sex. Often, men just want diversity. This is especially true of those who have a long relationship. One of the most common fantasies that wives and regular girlfriends rarely agree on is threesome sex. Eating two girls of easy virtue at once is not a cheap pleasure, but believe me, if the ladies are professional enough and know each other well, then every ruble spent will pay off with interest.

Also popular are role-playing sex games. Among the most sought-after images in which a confused person may appear are a nurse, a police officer, a nun, a maid, a teacher, or a librarian. Naturally, no one forbids a man to don a suit. This approach will make sex only brighter.

In talking about the most common male fantasies, it would be strange not to mention submission and domination. In the pair often dominated by a woman. It is not surprising that in bed a man wants to feel like a master of the situation. It happens the opposite situation. At work, a man directs subordinates, at home his opinion is also put at the forefront. As a result, in sex, he wants to completely obey the woman.

Prostitutes services

The main service is, of course, classic sex. The rest is completely dependent on the skills and desires of a particular girl. Some priestess of love for a surcharge offer a large range of pleasures. Among the most popular are:


  • anal sex;

  • Blowjob with or without a condom;

  • various types of massage;

  • striptease;

  • ending on the chest, in the mouth or on the face;

  • lesbian show.

Sometimes it happens that a married couple orders a prostitute. This is a very bold step, worthy of respect. As a rule, those whose relationship lasts a long time are decided on him. Sex services confused help to bring diversity to life together, to make it much brighter, more interesting, more exciting. Often, sex with a prostitute allows partners to look at each other in a new way. As a result, relationships improve significantly, and marriage becomes only stronger.

Special mention worthy of escort services. Sometimes it is extremely important for a man to go out with a beautiful woman who knows how to make a positive impression on others. If there is no regular partner at the moment, then the easiest way out of the situation is to invite a call girl. As a rule, really professional escort women are not just beautiful and well-groomed women. They also know the basic rules of etiquette, they are able to keep up the conversation. By the way, not always accompanying a man at any event involves further sex. It is always better to clarify this point in advance in order to avoid confusion.

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