Escort services and their varieties

The main purpose of escort services, as follows from the meaning of the word itself, is escorting wealthy men in various situations – at receptions, in the theater or just for a walk. But there is another side of the escort – the provision of models of intimate services. Many girls imagine working in an escort, only as an accompanying, but almost no clients, with rare exceptions, will not refuse to pay an additional amount per night with a charming companion. Escort agencies do not talk openly about these services, but they do not prohibit girls from accepting such offers from clients.

Who orders escort services

Receptions in high society are not taken alone, which makes wealthy people who often attend such parties resort to escort models. Appearing in a society with a beautiful charming girl with good manners who knows how to keep up the small talk is not only pleasant, but also useful for the image of any business person.

Often, businessmen do not have enough time to build personal relationships; all their strength goes to work. In this case, escort services are an excellent alternative to a constant companion of life.

Main types of escort services


  1. Attending events, corporate events, social events, business meetings is one of the most common types of escort. The client enters the agency’s website and selects a girlfriend based on external and personal data. It is important to note that the escort agencies specifically recruit not only beautiful, but also diversified girls, as the range of interests of potential clients is very wide. After the choice is made, the client makes a preliminary appointment for the girl – something like an interview. After talking with the model personally, the client understands whether such a companion is comfortable with him or not and, with a positive result, indicates to the girl the place and time of the main meeting.


  3. Joint leisure. This may be a visit to the theater or cinema, relaxing on a yacht, pleasure trips or just a joint dinner. Lonely wealthy men sometimes want to be in the company of an intelligent and beautiful girl without any obligations.


  5. Business negotiations. To come to a business meeting with a charming lady means to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome of the negotiations. Her presence will help raise the status of a man in the eyes of business partners, which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on further relations in business.

Model requirements for escort agencies

Each serious agency approaches the selection of girls with full seriousness and attention to every little thing. Just having a good-looking appearance is not enough to get a job at such an agency. No less important are the intellectual data of the applicant.

Below are the main requirements for job seekers:


  • Age

  • The ability to apply yourself in society

  • Having a sense of humor

  • Ability to unobtrusively take part in any conversation

  • Full knowledge of the rules of etiquette

  • Punctuality

  • Ability to win over a man with any character warehouse

  • Attractive appearance

  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​(primarily English)

Do not think that only models with parameters 90-60-90 work in the escort. Different men have different preferences regarding the female figure, so even girls with full forms can go to an escort agency.

Individual Price Rates

Pricing for model services depends on her work experience, portfolio. But on average, the price for an evening escort is about 30 thousand rubles. This is the amount excluding the provision of sex services. If a client wants to pick up a model for a vacation or a long business trip – you should count on the amount of 250 thousand rubles, not counting the costs of payment and accommodation of the girl.

But these are only average prices, in Moscow they can vary depending on the status of the agency, the contingent of models and the wishes of customers. Also, many customers leave models generous tips that are not included in the fee, voiced by the agency. Moscow, as is known, is the most expensive city in Russia, and therefore the prices for escort services are much higher here than in other cities.

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