Escort services – a new direction in service

Escort appeared in our country relatively recently, so the direction can be called new, not yet sufficiently developed. However, now it is gaining momentum, and companies that present their activities as organizers are ready to offer a wide base of girls to their clients.

Escort services are not prostitution. The two directions are similar, but the difference is big. Escort – “sanitized profession”, which is not limited to banal sex. In this case, it means an accompaniment, which can be given any form of interaction between a man and a woman.

Escort Types

Not always support ends intima. Sex is provided in several variants of meetings – everything is negotiated in advance between the customer and the agency that organizes leisure. There are girls in the agent database who work with or without a continuation, so the customer always knows what he will receive for a certain amount.

One of the most common forms of escort is classic. Intimate leisure in this case is not provided. The main goal is to ensure that a beautiful girl is next to a man who will accompany him during the rented time. Typically, the service becomes relevant when you need to attend events, business meetings, when the presence of women next to the rules of etiquette.

A beautiful girl will emphasize the image of a man, and no one will guess who she is and why she was invited. Abroad, the recourse to escort services is not even concealed, since they do not consider “renting a companion” something out of the ordinary.

Another type of escort is escort with a continuation. Sex services are included in the list of services provided by the girl. She goes with a man to meetings, events, a restaurant, another place, and then travels to, say, a hotel room. This is how individuals, prostitutes and escorts work, but the latter are able to demonstrate not only the beauty and ability to give a man carnal pleasure, but also prudence, intelligence, ability to keep the conversation going, assist in translating if necessary.

Eskortnits invited to travel, travel, with them relax on vacation. They do not always rent one girl – you can take several. It is pleasant to be with such a beauty, she is well-groomed and bright, which is not always typical for ordinary prostitutes. This is explained by the fact that agencies and specialized resources post photos of proven girls, with whom they work on a permanent basis.

Benefits of contacting escort agencies

Escort agencies and escort sites are often called model because they have bright girls with a pronounced appearance. The advantages of applying to such services for men are as follows:


  • quick search for the girl of the right type and appearance;

  • the opportunity to immediately discuss the details of the meeting and the list of services provided;

  • Matching the knowledge and character of a girl with certain criteria;

  • the ability to choose a companion with given skills (for example, knowledge of the English language);

  • escort girls know the rules of etiquette, they know how to behave with dignity in society.

The girls from the escort agencies work by prior arrangement within the framework of a pre-agreed price. Therefore, a man can be sure that the companion will not leave the event in advance and will not demand more from him. Gifts, payment for cocktails, restaurants and other things are all at the discretion of the man.

Search for a girl to accompany

An escort girl is invited to choose from a preliminary assessment of the photos included in the agency’s database. The agent will offer the options that meet the stated criteria, the client will examine the applicants, select the appropriate one. Then a meeting is organized. If, when communicating, both parties agree to continue, the customer pays for the services and leaves with the girl.

The activity of agencies is carried out on a legal basis. This is not about selling prostitutes, but about escort services with possible continuation. Of course, in fact, the man turns to remove the confused accompanying him, but from the point of view of legality, everything is clean.

Leisure with a companion can be carried out anywhere – in a sauna, a restaurant, a nightclub, with the subsequent departure to the hotel – at the discretion of the customer.

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