Definition, features, nuances of escort services

Abroad, escort services have long been common — the fact that several large agencies work in each city they know firsthand. In our country, many people are still wary of an escort, but not only foreigners use such services, but also compatriots.

Escort – this is how the word escort was translated from English. This category of services is presented in two versions – the classic (the so-called clean) and more advanced, suggesting an integrated “with continuation” approach.

Who is export useful for?

Of course, escorting with all the attendant circumstances is an actual service specifically for men. In its classic form, the situation looks typical. A man contacts an agency, chooses a girl, pays rent for a few hours or a longer period. This is usually done for the purpose of attending business meetings and events. It is the girl who goes with the client to an event, a restaurant or other place. After the event is completed, the steam formed for the time being diverges.

Another form of escort resembles prostitution, but in fact there are few common features between these terms. Combines their intimate relationship between the girl and the client.

For whom escort services are relevant:


  • For men who plan to attend events, business meetings, conferences. To adhere to business etiquette, you need to look for a beautiful girl.


  • For men who do not want to waste their time on a serious relationship. Meeting with girls from escort agencies helps to diversify personal life, avoiding obligations and obsession from companions.


  • For those who want not only to find a beautiful girl for a one-time sex, but also a companion who can cheer up and keep the conversation going.

There are many reasons why men are increasingly turning to escort agencies. The first is the simplicity of the search for beauty. It is enough to pay for the services of communication, support and sex. In this format of interaction, there is no place for difficulties arising from the usual acquaintance with girls.

Escort Differences from Prostitution

What distinguishes a escort from a prostitute:


  • provides a wider range of services;

  • familiar with the basics of etiquette;

  • looks stylish, well dressed, well-groomed;

  • can hold a conversation on different topics;

  • often knows several languages;

  • can help a man who came from another country or city to adapt.

Escort women, individuals, prostitutes provide intimate services, but each category has its own differences. Often, men go to an escort agency to find one or more girls to travel to another country, to a resort island, for joint vacations.

Girl Search for Escort Services

To find a escort girl , you need to contact an escort agency that organizes the provision of relevant services. In the bases of such companies there are usually many models. The client indicates the requirements for knowledge, skills, appearance of the girl, and the agent selects candidates.

Score from the photos of the applicants – this, of course, not all. First, the customer selects the girl she likes, and then she arrives at the meeting. The alleged couple communicates and, if everything suits everyone, a deal is concluded.

The client pays the entire amount to the agency, receives a check as payment. Such companies conduct their activities legally, but do not indicate that they provide sex services. In fact, the escort is centered around exceptional escort, so the legality of the activity cannot be challenged despite the fact that there is an intimate relationship between the couple.

The amount of payment depends on the time during which the man will “use” the girl. Traveling abroad assumes not only full payment of bills, tickets for flights, meals at restaurants, entertainment, but also an increased fee.

Shorter maintenance is also subject to calculation by price. For a joint visit to a business meeting, which will take several ches, the client will pay a much smaller amount than when traveling abroad for a week. Confused sex-giving services are more expensive than so-called “clean” girls without sex.

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